The taste of Catalonia

Bringing the best of Catalan food and wine to Manchester

Catalan food is famous for its quality and tradition, and so are our Catalan chefs.

Chef Paco Pérez

Tast is the taste of Catalonia

It’s a group of passionate people, led by Chef Paco Pérez and his amazing team, who have embarked on this adventure to share with you our love for Catalonia, for its culture and for its cuisine.

We want our guests to come here to try something new, something unexpectedly good. And these surprises come in the shape of Tastets, small tastes of food, more complex than tapas though still smaller than a plate.

We believe that joy comes from stepping out of our comfort zone so, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Get ready to taste the unexpected.

Chef Paco Pérez is a master and ambassador of Catalan gastronomy, with seven operating restaurants and five Michelin stars.

Together, Paco and his team are bringing the best of Catalan dining to Manchester, the UK and the world.

Three Tiered Dining

Three tiers
three experiences

With three different dining experiences to choose from, explore our floors below.


Private Dining

You’ve reached our second floor, which means you’re in for a private gastronomic experience. Our exclusive tasting menu will take you on a culinary adventure across Catalonia, on a journey for the senses. With premium food pairings in a friendly, welcoming environment, you’ll feel right at Paco’s home.

* Coming February 2019.


Main Floor

On our first floor, you’ll find the heart of Tast – our main open kitchen. This dining space features a combination of Catalonia’s countryside and culture, to create a traditional restaurant experience. Share tastets with friends and family, or enjoy a traditional three-course meal, all in a relaxed environment.


The Bar

Welcome to the ground floor. Experience the bustle of a busy Barcelona at our casual bar area, which offers a great selection of cocktails, wines and Catalan artisan beers. To be enjoyed over a vibrant selection of tastets to share with friends, right outside our open kitchen. Perfect for a light lunch or casual dinner.



Reservations in advance are available but walk-ins are welcome.


Booking in advance is recommended, especially during evenings and weekends – walk-ins are also welcome.


Reservations only. A private dining room for up to 24 guests, which can be turned into two for up to 12 guests.

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Opening Times

Mondays: Closed



12pm – 12am


12pm – 1am


12pm – 11pm



12pm – 2.30pm
(last sitting)


5pm – 10pm
(last sitting)

Special Opening Times - Christmas

24/12 & 25/12 Closed

26/12 Open from 5pm

31/12 Open from 12pm

1/1 2/1 & 3/1 Closed

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