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Caga Tió: Celebrating Christmas Catalan style

Christmas is closer and we couldn’t be celebrating it without telling you about the real protagonist of the Catalan Christmas celebrations: El Caga Tió.

El Caga Tió is the real star of Catalan homes during Christmas

We are sure many of you have heard of this “pooping log” before and felt unsure of whether this is a joke you should be laughing at or a real tradition you should actually be respecting so no one gets offended – we hear you! But, as funny as it may sound, Christmas in Catalonia isn’t really Christmas without the arrival of El Tió de Nadal (Christmas Log, as it is also widely known).

Caga Tió at Tast

Caga Tió at Tast

The Tradition

Every year, on 8th December, El Caga Tió arrives at Catalan homes and joins the celebrations. He’s got a warm smile on his face and wears a red hat. Tradition says children have to cover him with a blanket in order for the Tió to be warm and comfortable.

As well as keeping him warm, he obviously needs to eat. Kids are the ones in charge of feeding him every evening with orange peel, dried fruit and some water, because he needs to stay hydrated too, of course.

But if you’re finding this bizarre, we’d like to warn you things are only getting crazier from this point on.

Caga Tió made by our team

Caga Tió made by our team

On Christmas Eve, after the whole family has finished dinner, it’s time for El Tió to shine. Children gather together around this defenseless Christmas Log and hit him with a stick while they sing a song. This is just a way to help the Tió poo all this food he’s eaten in the shape of presents. So we could say that, literally, kids beat the c**p out of him.

A Family of Caga Tiós at Tast

And as proud Catalans, we had to have our own Tió de Nadal at Tast. We decided that one wasn’t enough, so we’ve got a little family of them all around the restaurant. For us, it can’t get any more festive than this.

Our front of house team posing with the Tió

Our front of house team posing with the Tió

As it is tradition, we did our own Caga Tiós, and now they are slowly making an appearance in the restaurant. And as Christmas is all about having fun together, we’re suggesting a little game to all of our guests!

The game is very easy. Take a picture with one of our Caga Tiós and tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! We will share all these pictures on our channels. On Boxing Day we will choose our absolute favourite and will have a little surprise for the winner.

Bon Nadal!