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Christmas Recipe: Canelons

Canelons (serves 4)

If you’re following our blog, then you’ll already be familiar with last week’s recipe for Escudella i Carn d’Olla. This is the traditional meal that people all around Catalonia eat on Christmas Day. Today we’re bringing you the second part to that wonderful recipe, which is then eaten on 26th December, Els Canelons. This recipe is made using the leftovers from the day before, so be sure to check last week’s post in order to cook the Catalan version of the famous Cannelloni.

Tast Canelons

Tast Canelons


1kg Meat from the Escudella

100gr Butter

120gr Flour

1l Milk

1 Onion

Half nutmeg

200g Hard Cheese

1 Pack of Cannelloni Pasta

100ml Vi Ranci / Brandy


For the Bechamel

In a pot, melt the butter and add the flour without stopping to stir. Once the flour is cooked, start adding pre-heated milk and bring it to boil. Grate half a nutmeg and rectify of salt and pepper.

For the Canelons filling

In a hot casserole, cook the onions until they get soft and brown, then add the meat and the Vi Ranci or Brandy. Reduce the alcohol and mince it all very finely. Add ten percent of the bechamel and let the mix cool down in piping bags.

Making the Canelons

Boil the pasta and spread it on the table. Fill the pasta with the mix and roll the Canelons.

Make three Canelons per person covering them with lots of bechamel and grated cheese on top. Finish it in the oven at 220 degrees until the cheese melts and goes brown.

Tast Canelons

Tast Canelons

Sant Esteve, 26th December

But why do we still feel like eating so much after Christmas Day? Sant Esteve Day has its origins in religious traditions from the Middle Ages. As Christmas Day is the most important religious day, people would travel for hours to see their relatives. Because of this and the extreme weather in the northern areas of Catalonia, people back in the day didn’t have the means to come back home before it got dark. For this reason, the whole family would stay in the same house, and would make a second meal using the leftovers from the day before.

We recommend that even if you don’t cook these for Boxing Day, you give them a go on any other date, as it is a delicious recipe that will make your mouth water. If you do make Canelons at some point, we’d love to see them! Don’t forget to share it with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to let us know how they turned out! Bon Profit!