Diada de Catalunya: A Day for Celebration

Bona diada de Catalunya a tothom!

Happy Diada de Catalunya everyone!

Although this may seem like a sad date we all remember, it is also a day for celebration for Catalonia.

La Diada de Catalunya

La Diada de Catalunya (Day of Catalonia) remembers when Catalan troops surrendered to the French Rule (Bourbons) on the 11th September 1714 during the Succession War in Spain. This makes this day an important date in the Catalan calendar. Since 1980, this festive day commemorates these events, with businesses closing to the public and music events taking place around Catalonia.

Image credit: janonomar.blogspot.com 

Fossar de les Moreres, monument that commemorates the dead of this historic event. Image credit: janonomar.blogspot.com

As a festive day, it’s not only businesses that are closed. Public transport is reduced and roads in big cities are closed to traffic to let people walk around and enjoy this day.

In the morning, you could easily find lots of people taking flowers to the statues. These remember the personalities that played important roles during the Siege of Barcelona. You could also find many Catalans visiting the memorials that commemorate the fallen soldiers. As it is still quite warm in September, there’s no need to worry about spending all day outdoors. The chances are you’re going to get a lovely and sunny Meditarranean day!

Image result for castellers

Among the festivities, you’ll find Castellers as a traditional way to celebrate Catalunya. Image credit: stvcr on Flickr.

When you start feeling hungry, you can head to the giant paellas that they make outdoors every year for  the neighbours to share. These are the perfect way for you to start a perfect afternoon. Then you can always go to one of the many live concerts in which you can enjoy both, traditional and modern Catalan music.

Whichever way you spend this emblematic day, make sure you have your family and friends close to have a good time!