Temps de Flors

Temps de Flors is a flower festival taking place Sunday 19th May in Girona. This is a walled medieval city located between Barcelona and Costa Brava. It’s a beautiful city of culture with one of the best preserved Jewish Quarters in the world. Similarly, the old city centre is delightfully sustained and in a similar condition to when the Jewish people lived there over 500 years ago.

Girona Street, Flower Festival (Image by All Exciting)

Girona Street, Flower Festival (Image by All Exciting)

Temps de Flors, a colourful explosion

Temps de Flors started as a small flower show over 50 years ago. It has developed into one of the biggest and brightest flower installations across Girona. The medieval city becomes a canvas for thousands of professional and amateur people to express their love for art, culture and flowers.

The festival usually coincides with the A Capella festival which transforms the streets of Girona into an atmosphere of aromas and music. The festival not only has become a display of flowers and music for the community but a space for performers, artists, chefs and photographers to express their love of culture.

Catalan Gastronomy in Girona

Being so passionate about food at Tast, we have a special place in our heart for Girona. Our own Chef Paco Pérez has his restaurant Miramar in Llançà. Girona is a key destination for gastronomy lovers, as it is home for may top restaurants.

One of the best restaurants  El Celler de Can Roca, who we have a strong connection with. Our head chef, Miquel Villacrosa, worked there for 5 summers. We asked Miquel,

“Miquel, could you describe El Celler de Can Roca in 5 words?”

Miquel,  smiling and closing his eyes: “Passion, creativity, perfection, delicacy and fellowship”.


Paco Pérez, Miramar (Image by Miramar)

If you get a chance to visit Temps de Flors, it is definitely worth the trip. This flower show is an explosion of colour, culture and aromas, it will be an experience to remember. If you have been to Temps de Flors, feel free to share your experience with us through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.