Tast and Tastets

Tast isn’t just a restaurant in the centre of Manchester, we’re a group of passionate people, led by Chef Paco Pérez and his amazing team, who have embarked on this adventure to share with you our love for Catalonia, for its culture and for its cuisine. And honestly, we couldn’t be more excited!

Chef Paco Pérez (Image credit: Restaurant Miramar)

At Tast we’re simply trying to bring the spirit of Catalonia to your table but we don’t want to ruin the whole surprise for you. We’ll just say that if you are fond of putting your taste buds to the test and also enjoy traditional dishes with a twist, then you’re going to have the best of times with us. We believe that joy comes from stepping out of our comfort zone so, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

And these surprises come in the shape of Tastets!

Tastet is a word of Catalan origin meaning “a small taste of food”, and it is more complex than tapas though still smaller than a plate. This also means a Tastet can be served alone as an appetiser, or as a small collection for a complete meal. For two people, 3-5 Tastets are perfect, but of course, it all depends on how hungry you are and we’re not going to judge anyone for ordering more!

Chef Paco Pérez (Image credit: Restaurant Miramar)

Our Tastets are inspired by the beautiful Catalan landscape: the sea and the mountains, the countryside and the cities – a wonderful landscape of texture and colour that is directly translated into our dishes. Tastets are the best way to try new exciting flavours as well as your traditional favourites.

Trust us! We guarantee we’ll hit the spot.