Touched by the Tramuntana

The natural phenomenon that gives its name to our craziest dishes.

Tramuntana is a strong wind from the north of the Mediterranean. It is especially prominent in North Catalonia and it has inspired many Catalan writers and painters over the years. Its name has a Latin origin that means “from beyond the mountains” as it blows from the Pyrenees and it is very often experienced by the citizens of L’Empordà, a region of Catalonia.

Alt Emporda: L’ Escala. Temporal de vent I fred

It is said that the ferocity of this wind can affect people’s behaviour, driving them crazy or suddenly giving them a spark of creative inspiration. This is why in Catalonia it is easy to hear that you’re “tocat per la Tramuntana” or “touched by the Tramuntana” if somebody wants to say you’ve gone crazy.

The most famous artist influenced by it is, without a doubt, Salvador Dalí. We’re guessing now his style makes more sense after knowing a little bit more about the magic of the Tramuntana. He even dedicated a painting to this natural phenomenon called “El Crist de la Tramuntana”.

“El Crist de la Tramuntana” by Salvador Dalí. Image credit: La Vanguardia

But this mystical power of nature has not only affected writers and painters’ minds, it has also inspired chefs’ minds. Our executive chef Paco Pérez seems to be touched by the Tramuntana too and took inspiration from this to create his famous Tramuntanades.

Duck’n Donut, from our Tramuntanades section of our menu.

If you have come to Tast and have tried our well known Duck’in Donut you will understand what we’re talking about. And it seems only fair to say that to have the most genius ideas you sometimes have to be a little bit “touched”.