Wine of the Month- Aureo

Wine Of The Month: Aureo

June is officially here and that means we welcome the new Wine of the Month, Aureo.

This month our Sommelier Filippo has picked a very special De Muller Wine that is produced in the Tarragona area. Best known for the production of sweet wine, De Muller was founded in 1851 by Sr . Auguste de Muller and Ruinart de Brimont.

(Aureo Wine)

Fact of the day 

Did you know, for a very long time De Muller owned the title of pontifical suppliers and has supplied all wine from Pius X to John XXIII.

Aureo is a sweet wine formed from the most selected vines of 30% white and 70% red Garnacha. It is created using the Solera method, which is the process of fractional blending, allowing the average age to increase gradually through the years originating in 1954.

It is of a delightful tawny colour with different Mahogany tones, with an intensive nose aroma of Raisin, Cacao Nibs, Tobacco, and Coffee. The taste is unique and is sweet and fruity, yet rich and creamy on the palate.  It has a long finish with pleasant oxidation and we highly recommend sampling Aureo to fully understand its unique taste.


Why has Filippo picked this wine?

Filippo has chosen this delightful wine for its uniqueness and elegance. It has the perfect taste to match our Cheese Boards and Chocolate Desserts. Our Pessic Fluid De Xocolata (V); Dark Chocolate, Spiced Ice Cream and Lychee Coulis is the perfect pairing. Aureo is a good alternative for all those Port lovers, so go ahead and give it a try.



(Aureo- Wine Cellar Tast Catala)

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