Wine of The Month – Cosmic: Valentia, Carinya Blanca

Wine Of The Month: Valentia, Carinya Blanca by Cosmic.

It is officially August the peak of summer, which means entertaining children and eating amazing food to celebrate summer. Whatever you chose, take some time and join us at Tast to sample our brand new Wine of The Month: Valentia.

This month we welcome our brand new wine Valentia, Carinya Blanca by Cosmic, picked out by our very own Sommelier Filippo.

Firstly, the big question is why did Filippo choose the very special Valentia? For a start, this is the first Orange wine at Tast which is richer in colour from the maceration process. The idea is vinifying white grapes, so the fermenting juice spends time in contact with the grape skin. Orange wine has an excellent presence in the UK and Cosmic has the best quality Orange Wine for Tast. Valentia is limited edition and is hand-harvested with 80% pressed and fermented in Amphora and 20% in Chestnut Tree Wood.

Tast Catala: Valentia

Wine Cellar Tast Catala


Cosmic Winery

Cosmic are unique and have a philosophy of taking care of their vines based on what they feel and their passion. They are free-spirited and have a more creative way in their approach to winemaking. They focus on two different landscapes, the first being Agullana (Alt Emporda), where they cultivate the native varieties and Serra de Montmell (Baix Penedes) where they cultivate the varieties that adapt best to their land.


Wine of The Month – Cosmic: Valentia, Carinya Blanca (Empordá 2017)


Valentia is dark gold with good viscosity. It has a pronounced aroma with a ripe yellow pitch, a touch of quince and sweet spice. It has a full body with high acidity and has an elegant persistent finish. With this Filippo recommends our Rice dishes to perfectly match Valentia. Whether it is our Arrós De Verdures: Rice, Vegetable and Herb Mayo or Arrós De Calamari I Gamba Vermella: Rice, Red Prawns, Squid and Codium Mayo, they are the perfect match.


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