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Wine of the Month: Perafita

After long conversations with our sommelier Filippo, we’re excited to bring his knowledge down to our blog. Now you’ll be able to know our Catalan wines along with Filippo’s wine tips and personal views on each of his favourites.

Perafita, a great Catalan wine from a small region

The wine he has picked for us is Perafita, a Catalan red from the region of Empordà produced by Martín Faixó. What makes this wine so special, in his own words, is that although it comes from a little region that is still unknown for most people, Perafita is a wine that really represents the potential of the Catalan red as a top quality wine.

L’ Empordà is a small region in the extreme north-east corner of Catalonia. Despite its long history of wine production, it almost became extinguished when the phylloxera parasite struck in 1900. Luckily, the geographical factors of its location and the strong wind that blows in this region, known as Tramuntana, create the perfect conditions to protect the vines from both disease and frost.

Perafita is a slightly aged red from 2011 and it’s got the character of an old Bordeaux style of wine. This makes it the perfect Catalan alternative for this style of drink.


This wine is a blend of Garnacha Tinta (Grenache Noir), Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. As it is common in this type of wine, it’s dry wine with earthy and tobacco leaves notes. When it comes to pairing it with our Tastets, Filippo suggests our Galta de Porc Melosa and our Presa Ibèrica. We cook this last one in our charcoal oven. The smokey flavours of the wine, he says, would make it the perfect match for the Presa Ibèrica.

Stay tuned for our next wine blog, and if you have any questions for Filippo reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!