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Wine of the Month: Raventós i Blanc de la Finca

February isn’t just another month for Tast. As every month, we like to sit down with our sommelier Filippo and talk about our favourite wines.

But this month is a little bit special, as we’re opening our Gastronomic Experience with two Fine Dining Tasting Menus on our top floor, Enxaneta. Because of this, Filippo wanted to share a very unique wine for us: Raventós i Blanc de la Finca.


Cava Raventós i Blanc de la Finca

Raventós i Blanc de la Finca is a Catalan sparkling white wine, that is, a cava. And a really complex one, which is why our sommelier is so fond of this particular one.

He tells us it is a top quality cava that really shows the potential of the product. Reventós i Blanc comes from a single vineyard near the river Anoia in Pènedes, the heart of the cava production.

This sparkling wine is made using very old vines and blending the grape varieties of Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel·lo. This is particularly key to this wine, as it remains true to the traditional grape varieties, without needing any international ones.

Raventós i Blanc de la Finca Cava

This cava is a 2014 single vintage that has been aged for a minimum of 18 months.

Reventós i Blanc has a good freshness and acidity; two features that sometimes the warm climate lacks but we can find in this product. Filippo also tells us that it has a nice yeasty character and a long finish. It has the right nose as well from the Xarel·lo and the aromatic touch from the Parellada grapes. This wine is complex and a perfect representation of what a good cava is.

The importance of the Raventós family in the cava production

The producers of this cava, the Raventós family, have been in the business for 500 years. They are one of the longest viticulture families in Europe and also the family of the well-known cava Codorníu. With a 21 generation family business, they were the pioneers of cava. In 1872 Josep Raventós produced the first sparkling wine bottles of the country.

Knowing all this, it’s not surprising Filippo has chosen this cava as the welcoming drink for our guests in Enxaneta.

Raventós i Blanc de la Finca

Gastronomic Experience in Enxaneta

In Enxaneta we offer the best of Catalan cuisine and drinks, with our two tasting menus created by Chef Paco Pérez.

Our sommelier explains how both of these menus will start with a few canapés, with different flavours and textures. He suggests sparkling wine is always the perfect choice for an aperitif. It prepares the palate for the flavours and gives our guests a nice start to their evening.

Filippo tells us also on the personal side, that the reason why he likes this particular product so much is due to its complexity and quality. He tells us how it has depth and length and it isn’t far from champange, as only autochthonous varieties of grapes make this wine. In his search of the best of each, he’s sure Raventós i Blanc is the best product to represent the Catalan cava at Tast.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach us via our social media channels Twitter, Facebook and Instagram if you have any questions for Filippo or our team.