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Wine of the Month: Vinya Selva de Mar

We’ve been talking with our sommelier Filippo about our favourite subject: Catalan wines. It’s time for our wine of the month.

Empordà, a hidden gem that produces great Catalan Wines

If your read October’s wine, you’ll know Empordà is a small region that produces great wines. This month we’re introducing you to Vinya Selva de Mar, a white wine from High Empordà in the border with Roussillon, France. The producer is Mas Estela, and their wine takes the name from the town where it’s made, Selva de Mar.

Selva de Mar in the region of Empordà.

Selva de Mar in the region of Empordà 

Vinya Selva de Mar is made using a classic blend in Catalan wines: Red Grenache (60%) finished with Muscat d’Alexandrie (40%). 

Red Grenache is vinified without the skin, which results in a white wine. At this point, it’s blended with the Muscat d’Alexandria. This grape gives it an aromatic touch and a slight rose petal character typical of this variety.

Vinya Selva de Mar, a certified organic white wine

Vinya Selva de Mar is a certified organic wine made using biodynamic principles. This means there are no chemical fertilizers, fungicides or insecticides in the vineyards. Also, with the help of composts, soils are healthy and fertile, allowing safe habitats for insects and birds. A very natural process goes into making Vinya Selva de Mar, with very low sulfites and a lot of attention put into picking the grape. This ensures that no bad grapes go into the wine, all grapes used are always healthy. All this translate into the taste of the wine, making it very special.

Its cold maceration happens in the beginning of the fermentation. This contributes to get all the freshness and the fruitiness in its flavour.

Vinya Selva de Mar.

Vinya Selva de Mar

Filippo tells us you can taste the freshness and purity of the fruit in Vinya Selva de Mar, and that it’s a top quality wine with a clean and a long finish.

In his opinion, this wine is very special because of the purity of the fruit and the freshness of the grape. He highly recommends it with seafood and fresh cheeses, like goat cheese, as it matches perfectly. Actually, when we hosted our Wine and Cheese Tasting, Filippo paired this wonderful white wine with Petit Nevat, a fresh and delicious goat cheese off our Catalan cheese board.

Remember Filippo will bring you a new wine every month, so keep an eye on our blog! And if you have any questions that Filippo could answer, contact us via TwitterFacebook or Instagram!