In 2012 our story began when we moved to Manchester and fell in love with the welcoming nature of the people and the city.

The only thing we missed was our cuisine. The food we use to enjoy in Barcelona.

As the Catalan community grew in Manchester, we thought we could offer our cuisine to the city and decided to open a Barcelona-style restaurant.

We wanted to bring high-quality food and cooking know-how, but also the experience of a very good restaurant in Barcelona. A modern, contemporary, fresh, feel from the south of Europe.

Our good friend Chef Paco Perez joined us. We searched venues until we found our home in King Street. We decorated it with a modern, minimalist style, leaving the stage to the food.

We opened in July 2018, offering 2 different experiences under one roof: a bar & terrace and a casual restaurant. Two different settings in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

We are sure you will enjoy the experience.

The directors of Tast Cuina Catalana

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